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Accounts and permissions

Nomic Atlas implements granular permissions and role based access to datasets in your organization.

If you access a public dataset that you don’t own, you’ll have only a viewer role.

You cannot access private datasets that you don't own or haven't been invited to.

Table showing access roles and permissions

access_roleView MapCreate or delete your own tagsView other users' tagsForce push or edit other users' tags

Who can see my dataset?

When you create a dataset, you can toggle it as private or public in your dataset's page settings. Private datasets are only accessible by authenticated individuals in your Nomic organization. Public datasets are accessible by anyone with a link.

Atlas Client Private Map Example

from nomic import atlas
import numpy as np

num_embeddings = 10000
embeddings = np.random.rand(num_embeddings, 256)

response = atlas.map_data(embeddings=embeddings,

Creating datasets under arbitrary organization

You can create datasets under any organization you are apart of by specifying an organization_slug prefix in the dataset identifier. For example, we can create a dataset in the sterling-cooper organization called my-dataset by specifying sterling-cooper/my-dataset as the dataset name.