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Release Notes


Improved map UI, topic label editing

  • Revamp of the map UI for better use of space and ease of use
  • Topic labels can now be edited by map admins from within the map page; changes to topic labels are immediately reflected in the map and propagated to the server


Temporarily disabling of updating Atlas indices

  • The ability to update an Atlas index is temporarily deprecated due to critical flaws in it's functionality and data consistency guarantees. Please message for details on when the feature will become available again.


Range slider improvements, map projection improvements

  • Range Slider now supports zooming in and out for more precision, better UI for settings dates and minor data display updates
  • Improved 2D layout — nomic-project-v1 will now auto-infer hyperparameters based on your dataset by default, resulting in layouts that better capture local and global embedding structure.
  • Datasets embedded by Nomic now show the embedding model used to create them
  • Various bug fixes, including more stability on the data upload page


New tagging capabilities, duplicate detection for embedding datasets

  • Tagging capabilties now scale to 10 million points, includes improved collaborative capabilities and selection based exports.
  • Duplicate detection capabilities are now enabled for embedding modality datasets. Set a low duplicate detection threshold for effective use.
  • Sets nomic-embed-text-v1.5 as default model for text modality datasets.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Nomic Embed v1.5, Data interface: topic editing, column reordering, CSV export

  • Launch of Nomic Embed v1.5, a text embedding model that supports variable output size.
  • Allows reordering data in the preview window, so users can choose which metadata fields are most visible.
  • Allow full dataset export as CSV from the map title bar for map owners and editors.
  • Allow including Nomic topic labels in selection downloads and full dataset export.
  • Miscellaneous small fixes.


Nomic Embed, Topic Label Improvements

  • Nomic Embed: The flagship Nomic Atlas embedding model is now launched as an inference endpoint and as the default embedding model in Nomic Atlas.
  • Topic Label Generation Improvements: The topics labels assigned to detected topics in your datasets have been improved for quality, consistency and relevance. Remember, you can access topics and labels programatically with the Nomic Python Client.
  • Embedding Inference Optimizations: Lowered P75 latency of embedding inference to 200ms at batch size 100 and seq length 2048.
  • Various minor bug patches.


Browser Data Upload Improvements, access to points, new URLs

  • Browser Data Upload: Columns are now editable, patched several case bugs involving duplicate names, etc.
  • It's now easier to isolate a single point on the map--just click and you'll get immediate access to the most important information about your point, with the full information available on the left. There's also a handy way to add it to the current selection--watch here for more operations on individual items in your dataset!
  • Atlas uses slugs instead of UUIDs even for maps--the default place to view your dataset map is now at If you've built multiple maps, they're still accessed by UUID: but most users share just the most recent map they have, and this makes it easier to understand your links and work with them from the python client.
  • The in-browser project creation interface is now more reliable and returns better information about errors in uploaded CSVs.


Stability and Scale

  • Infrastructure upgrades towards making tagging scale to 10 million point datasets in the browser
  • Patches to edge cases introduced by the introduction human-readable slugs in URLs
  • Non-critical security patches as detected by latest external penetration test.
  • Infrastructure stability improvements in response to edge cases detected in dataset indexing.
  • Atlas API endpoint to update topic labels


Unstructure Data Interface Composable Selection

  • Composable Selection: All Nomic Atlas data selections are now composable at the ten's of million points scale. Build highly expressive selections over your datasets in the web browser with metadata filtering, regex search and semantic region lasso'ing. Try searching your Atlas dataset, and combine it with a lasso over some of the results.


Multiple filters

  • Atlas now allows you to combine multiple searches together at the same time--lassos, regular expressions searches, and/or categorical filters. Choose whether to use "any" or "all" to combine multiple filters together.


Core Algorithm Improvements

  • Nomic Projection Algorithm Latency: The Nomic Projection algorithm can now build a 2D projection of 1M points in five minutes.