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Meet Atlas - a platform for interacting with both small and internet scale unstructured datasets.

Atlas enables you to:

Use Atlas to:

Read about how Atlas works or get started below!


Install the Nomic client with:

pip install nomic

Login/create your Nomic account:

nomic login

Follow the instructions to obtain your access token. Enter your access token with:

nomic login [token]

You are ready to interact with Atlas. Continue on to make your first data map.
from nomic import atlas
import numpy as np

num_embeddings = 10000
embeddings = np.random.rand(num_embeddings, 256)

project = atlas.map_embeddings(embeddings=embeddings)


Make your first neural map.

How does Atlas work?

Collection of maps.

Example maps

Twitter (5.4 million tweets)

Stable Diffusion (6.4 million images)

NeurIPS Proceedings (16,623 documents)

ICLR 2018-2023 Submissions

MNIST Logits

About us

Nomic is the world's first information cartography company. We believe that the fastest way to understand your data is to look at it.